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• Women in Leadership 11-12 October 2011
Women in Leadership brochure

* The 1st Annual Board Leadership Summit: 21-23 November 2011

Women in Leadership brochure

EDI Africa is a professional body that offers Executives, Senior Managers, who aspire to be Directors, workshops and networking events that enable them to manage their organizations well with the tools that they may have been equipped with by our facilitators. 

The facilitators we engage are Directors who are practicing and serving on the boards.  We engage in such presenters because we believe that practicality is now better than theory, so our Executives get information from experienced Directors. EDI Africa’s workshop curriculum fully supports Corporate Board and individual Directors who are committed to an exemplary leadership. 

The workshops we offer are strictly taught by active Directors and are designed to assist you broaden your knowledge, enhance your skills and understand the implications of profound corporate and environmental changes, allowing you to become a strategic asset as a Director, Executive or Board Member, thereby adding shareowner, or organisational value. 

We believe that Executives can be indispensable based on their wealth of knowledge, which is what we are here to offer. EDI Africa’s greatest strength – our depth of local and global knowledge of the need for Executives to be fully equipped to run the business is what keeps us unique. 


The need for Executives for continuing development about corporate governance should not be underestimated.  Every Executive has a fiduciary duty of care that they owe to the organisation they serve.


Our Programs on good governance provide a significant and essential service to Executives nationwide and also increase stakeholder confidence.